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Microsoft Autoroute websites (UK, Germany, France)

Microsoft Autoroute

Created Microsoft AutoRoute sites for UK, Germany and France. Technologies leveraged are ASP.NET with master templates, CSS, XHTML - developed in Visual Studio. Created graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. Collaborated with small Microsoft team in Dublin who assisted in translations and localization.
AutoRoute UK Website
AutoRoute France Website
AutoRoute German Website

Microsoft UltraCam, 2005-2013

Microsoft UltraCam

Provided site management, dev and creative design, video, social media for Microsoft UltraCam from 2005 - 2013.

Technologies included: ASP.NET, XML, XHTML, CSS, HTML 4, Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere

Bizgrout LLC, 2012

Bizgrout LLC.

Designed geospatial business website for Bizgrout LLC, leveraging Flash and XML to create website as well as original designs using Photoshop and Fireworks.

Microsoft Streets & Trips Website

Microsoft Streets & Trips

Site manager for Streets & Trips website from 2008-2012 providing graphics, code development, landing pages and web analytics.
*Please note Microsoft has now discontinued product

GeoVisual Analytics Website

GeoVisual Analytics

Created WordPress website and graphics for GeoVisual Analytics. Technologies leveraged included PHP, CSS.
GeoVisual Analytics Website

Pindrop Inc. Website

Pindrop Inc.

Created WordPress website, logo and graphics for Pindrop Inc. Technologies leveraged included PHP, CSS.
Pindrop Inc. Website

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