Print & Web Graphics

High River Flood Mitigation Brochure 2015

Town of High River, 2013-2015

Posters, signs, ads, banner ads, and other media for many Town of High River projects.

Designs - Felicia Labbe

Town of High River welcome signs: signs are on light posts throughout entire town. (2015)

Souvenir Program: High River Regional Air Show 2014(12 pages)

Planning brochures 2015 (12 brochure designs)

Created concept and final artwork designs for production of High River entry wayfinding signage.

Poster, banner ad, print ad: Arlene Dickenson Event

Poster: High River Culture Days

Spring/Summer High River Recreation Guide (16 pages)

Poster, banner ad, print ad: High River Day of Commemoration

Poster: Children's Christmas Party

Town of High River Emergency Guide

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